My Ex is Getting Married

Exactly how I feel.. except he isn’t engaged yet. </3

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A friend asked me a while back, “What are you going to do if your ex gets engaged again?”

“Put on something sexy, go to his house and get him back. Obviously,” I replied, relishing her reaction.

I was joking, of course. The thought of actually doing that – trying to get him back – seemed so far removed from the realm of possibility that it seemed like a beautifully ridiculous response. And, joking about the topic was a hell of a lot easier than dealing with the actual emotions I would feel if this should ever happen.

Correction: when this would happen. We all knew it was inevitable. But somehow, you can know something is going to happen with every essence of your being, but then when it happens, it can blindsight you.

Last summer, I shared with you how my ex was dating Tina – his high…

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